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Marine Navigator And Monitoring System

Posted 2014/05/15 14:30 PM by Qiyang views: 2296

It consists of monitoring center,wireless communication systems,marine navigator monitor terminal. The system can achieve a collision avoidance warning,message passing between the ship and bank.Can achieve active protection,fast rescue and shipping information integration to improve safety protection and manage precontrol ability.Promote development of maritime industry.

Application Introduction:

• Can select TI AM335X,Freescale i.MX6 processor mainboard/Core Board;
• High-performance,multicore architecture,up to 1.4GHz,Quad Core;
• Support Multi-Screen Display,support 1080P HD video encoding and decoding;
• OS:Linux,Android,adopts GUI interface to achieve Human-Machine Interactive Operation and Video Monitor;
• To achieve GPS, Route Planning, Risk Alert(Yaw,Crash),Wireless Telecommunication,Traveling Data,Data Management.Comparing with X86 motherboard and IPC,it is of advantages of no-fan,low power consumption,high stability,low cost;
• Particular Communication Interface,easy for developing;
• High integration,reduce difficulty of secondary development,accelerate time to market.