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Freescale i.MX6 Single Board Computer(QY-IMX6S)

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• ARM® Cortex™-A9 kernal, 1.0GHz,compatible with solo/dual/quad core;
• 2D/3D/VG accelerator ,1080P h.264 video codec,support dual 720P video encoding;
• 1MBL2 cache,32KB instructions and data cache,NEON SIMD media accelerator;
• 1x 20-bit parallel,MIPI-CSI2(4 Channels),3 Channels input camera interface simultaneously;
• High reliable guide, cryptographic engine,random data generator and tamper detection
• 1-ch industrial gigabit Ethernet MAC(10/100/1000MHz);
• 2-ch CAN,each up to 1Mbps,support CAN2.0 protocol;
• Expand 5-ch serial ports,HDMI interface,LVDS interface;
• Support Linux/Android operation system.

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Freescale i.MX6 main board:is designed by 8-layer PCB;expand TFT-LCD,LVD,VGA,network,HDMI,CAN,matrix keypad,SATA,high speed USB HostDevice,SD card,RS2325 serial port,audio,etc

Freescale i.MX6 MainBoard Specifications:

CPU Processor

• Freescale i.MX6 processor,ARM Cortex A9 core, 1.0 GHz,compatible with solo/dual/quad core
• 1MBL2 cache,32KB instructions and data cache,NEON SIMD media accelerator

SDRAM Memory

• DDR3 SDRAM,4*256MB,1GB

FLASH Storage



• AR8035 net chip adopts RGMII mode,support 10M/100M/1000M adaptative network port

Communication Interfaces

• 5-ch RS232 serial pots(Include:1-ch debug port,2-ch RS232 multiplex with RS485)
• 1-ch USB high speed OTG,4-ch USB HOST(Include:1-ch MIN_PCIE interface)
• 2-ch CAN interfaces,support CAN2.0 protocol(Include:1-ch TTL output,1-ch CAN driver output)
• 1-ch 10/100/1000Mbps industrial ethernet,ACT/LINK indicator.

Display Interfaces

• 18bit TFT-LCD(compatible wiht 16bit/24bit )support 1920x1200 resolution.
• VGA interface,connect to common monitor
• 2-ch LVDS interface,each support 1920x1200 resolution
• HDMI interface,support HDMI 1.4 interface specification

Audio Interfaces

• McASP audio interface,binaural audio output,MIC audio input

Input Interfaces

• 4-wire resistive touch screen interface
• Standard I2C capacitive touchscreen interface
• CAMERA interface,standard interface support OV5642 camera module

Extended Interfaces

• MINI_PCIE 2.0 interface
• SIM card interface

Storage Interfaces

• 1-ch SD card interface
• 1-ch SATA HD interface,SATAII standard,3.0Gbps

Power input

• +12V power supply, support +4.75V~+18V wide range voltage input

PCB Specification & Size

• Using 8-layer of PCB high precision process, and has the best electrical properties and anti-jamming performance
• 160mm x 105mm

Working Parameters

• Working temperature: -20°C~ 70°C (batch order could be customized to -40°C~ 85°C)
• Humidity Range: 5%~ 95%, Non-Condensing

Low Power Consumption

• 12V Dc power supply, low power consumption, <3W

Support OS

• Linux 3.0+QT4.8
• Android 4.2

i.MX6 MainBoard Specifications


No. Item Function
J1 Power Interface +12V Power supply input
J2 Serial Port&CAN Serial port 4/5&CAN
J4 BOOT Mode selection BOOT mode selection
J5 SPI&GPIO SPI&2*4GPIO interface
J6 Debug Port Download/Communication
J7 BOOT Mode selection BOOT Mode selection
J8 JTAG Simulation/Debugging
J10 USB Device Download program/USB communication
J11 USB Host*2 USB host application
J12 USB Connect to external module
J13 Ethernet 10/100/1000M Ethernet
J14 SD card SD card interface
J15 HDMI Standard HDMI interface
J16 LVDS LVDS display interface
J17 LVDS LVDS display interface
J18 LCD power supply LCD power supply interface
J19 Capacitive Touch Panel Touch Panel interface
J21 LCD interface TFT-LCD interface
J24 VGA VGA display interface
J25 MIC MIC audio input Interface
J26 AUDIO Audio input Interface
J27 SATA Standard SATA Interface
J28 SATA Power Interface SATA power supply interface
J29 MINI_PCIE Interface MINI_PCIE interface
J30 SIM Card Interface SIM interface
J31 Serial Port 2/3&GPIO Serial Port2/3&2*4GPIO interface
J32 Reserved Power Supply +5.0V power supply output
J33 AUDIO Audio output interface
SW1 Dial Switch Boot mode choose
BT1 Lithium battery System clock power supply(+3.0V)
BZ1 Buzzer Alarm
K1 Reset button System reset

Linux Software Features

Item Content Function
Cross-compiler fsl-linaro-toolchain.tar.gz arm-linux-gcc
U-boot u-boot-2009.08.tar.gz Provided with U-boot source code
Support USB writing
Support writing into EMMC starting and USB starting
Linux Kernel Version: 3.0.35
RTC driver, save and restore system time after power off Provided with test program and source code
SPI driver Provided with test program and source code
Serial driver Provided with test program and source code
Audio driver Provided with test program and source code
Ethernet driver Provided with test program and source code
CAMERA interface driver Provided with test program and source code
LVDS drive,support 480x272、640x480、800x480、800x600、1024x768 resolution Provided special LCD with debug service
Touch screen drive,support 4-line resistive screen Provided with test program and source code
VGA display driver Provided with test program and source code
LVDS display driverSpecial LVDS screen an provide test service
HDMI display driverProvided with source code
CAN driverProvided with test program and source code
Buzzer driverProvided with test program and source code
GPIO driverProvided with test program and source code
USB driver,support mouse/keyboard/USB disk/WIFI/Camera,etc.Support various USB external devices, provided with debug service
SD card driverSupport large capacity storage SD card
SATA driverSupport SATA HD
File System rootfs.tar.bz2 Provided with source code
QT routine QT Development Environment QT routine and source code
PC Development Environment Provided with ubuntu 12.04, LinuxOS, VMware 9.0.2 virtual machine and supporting development environment build manual Convenient for user to next develop

i.MX6 SBC Software & Technical Support:

• The problems that customer encounter in the process of development on the products
• System cut, according to customer's requirements
• Develop related drivers, according to the demand of customer(another pay)
• Customized development of back plane, according to customers' requirements(another pay)

Order Information:

Item ARM i.MX6(IAC-IMX6-Kit)
Standard accessories (1)12V/2A power (2)1 cross serial line (3)DVD of development (4)2-wire RS232 serial lines (5)mini USB cable (6)exquisite packing box
DVD resources Linux Compilers Cross-compiler arm-linux-gcc
Tool software Supporting terminal, writing, download tools
Device manual Main component's datasheet of back plane
User manual About all development and use
Image file Image file of MLO, u-boot, kernel and file system
Test source code Test routines and source codes of all interfaces
System source code Including bootloader, kernel,  file system, QT source code and madplay
PCB Library PCB library of Eval. board's back plane
Module options(another pay) TTL to LVDS module
TTL to VGA module
Sales hotline 86-571-87858811, 86-571-87858822