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Technical Contact


We have a perfect after-sales service center architecture by a group of senior professional engineers, which provides system equipment anomalies and faults search, diagnose and problem solving, responsible for the processing of customer inquiries and complaints, establishes the customer file, service archives, technical service files, etc.

Service Contact

• Serves Time: 8:30-17:30 on Mon-Fri
• Hotline: +86-571-87858811/87858822-805
• Fax: 0571-89935912
• E-mail:supports@qiyangtech.com

Service Process

(1) Call support hotline in working days: +86-571-87858811/87858822-805;
(2) Provide your purchase date, type and personal information, then we will service for you after confirmed.
(3) Consult us about the problems of commodity, then we will initially judge whether belong to quality problem.
(4) We will provide technical support and suggestions if it's not quality problem.
(5) If it belongs to product quality problem, you can obtain corresponding services according to our customer service related terms until the problem solved.