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Linux FAQ

1. Each link's specific address in [EZ335X-EVB bootloader]
    SPI:                    0x0                                                      128K
    SPLbackup1:     MTDPART_OFS_APPEND 0X20000    128k
    SPLbackup2:     MTDPART_OFS_APPEND 0X40000    128k
    SPLbackup3:     MTDPART_OFS_APPEND 0X60000    128k
    U-boot:              MTDPART_OFS_APPEND 0X80000    15*128k
    U-boot Env:       MTDPART_OFS_APPEND 0X260000   128K
    kernel:               MTDPART_OFS_APPEND 0X280000   40*128K
    File System:      MTDPART_OFS_APPEND 0X780000    MTDPART_SIZ_FULL

2. Q: How to close [dhcp] for EZ335X-EVB ?
  A:[vi /etc/network/interfaces],edit, shield [iface eth0 inet dhcp].

3.Q: Does AM335X network card could switch between [switch]mode and Double [MAC] mode ?
    A:Please refer to [http://processors.wiki.ti.com/index.php/AM335x_CPSW_(Ethernet)_Driver's_Guide]

4. EZ335X set MAC address, unable to set, it needs read from the hardware automatically, [mac] on carrier board is the next for the [mac] on core board.

5. Q:Why the files in [/dev] could not be extracted from file system source file ?
A: A:It because that it do not use [sudo], the universal user could not generate node file.In the doucumenatation, it mentions that use user [root] to work. I do not use user [root], so I have this problem.

6. Q: About [Unable making SD card for booting ] ?
     A: A:my system is Chinese,so the inputing command by [fdisk] command is Chinese too. But,the [grep]command could be check from [fdisk]command by look up the word [disk]. It could not be found, so we could not do formatting partition for SD card.

7. Q:Where is EZ335X button 's driver ?

8. Q:Where is 9G45 uboot's parameters ?
     A:It is in source code's path [includeconfigsat91sam9m10g45ek.h]

9. Q: Where is serial driver 's path in 335x kernel source ?
    A: Serial driver's path:linux-3.2.0-

10. Q: Why 335x buzzer is always buzzering ?
    A: Modify files: