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Warranty service

Hardware maintenance service

Hardware maintenance service means providing original factory maintenance,maintenance,repairing and recovering product performance for user’s mother board / core board .Including core board,baseboard,LCD,touch screen hardware fault test,electronic device replacement service.

Software and Hardware upgrading service

Software upgrading service means users installing operation system,installing equipment control software,according to customers’ requirement to customize winCE ,Linux OS . Hardware upgrading service means providing hardware upgrading scheme and hardware installing service.

Warranty Service

All parts product warranty period start form the purchase date, and under warranty is free of charge. The following circumstances products, not in warranty scope:
(1) Over the validation date of warranty;
(2) Belong to the user improper use or artificial damage;
(3) Without effective warranty certificate and invoice (can prove the goods in the warranty period excluded);
(4) Delivery product barcode or model not conform to physical commodity.